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Ketamine for Anxiety Disorders

About Ketamine for Anxiety Disorders

About Ketamine for Anxiety Disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is usually classified as a state of constant and unrealistic anxiety and worry. For sufferers, the symptoms can be mild to debilitating, sometimes making normal daily activities and performance a stressful experience.


Some symptoms may include panic attacks, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, chronic headaches, muscle soreness, sleep problems, daily fatigue, and overall restlessness.


Anxiety is most commonly treated through medication, like antidepressants, or psychotherapy with someone like a psychiatrist or psychologist.

When Medications No Longer Work

For many anxiety sufferers, conventional medications and therapies begin to lose their effectiveness over time or provide little to no results at all. This often creates feelings of even more worry and helplessness, increasing anxiety in the patient.


When antidepressants and therapists no longer provide the reprieve they used to, what options are there for those seeking effective treatment for anxiety disorders?

Ketamine for Anxiety

After decades of careful testing, a general anesthetic called Ketamine began being used in the medical community as an alternative for anxiety, expanding the research in the realm of mental disorders. Research found that it could be an effective drug for mood disorders, and not just as a drug for surgical anesthesia.

As an anesthetic, Ketamine is safe, fast-acting, and gentle and has been commonly used as sedative in pediatric care. Due to its safeness as an agent for anesthesia, researchers feel confident in its safety in lower doses for other treatments, such as anxiety. In smaller and controlled doses, Ketamine treatment has provided promising results for anxiety sufferers and other mental disorders.

Many of the patients who come to our practice for ketamine infusions report fast-acting, long-lasting relief from their symptoms of anxiety, and continue infusion treatment plans for years to improve their quality of life. 

Why Ketamine Works for Anxiety

Ketamine targets a neurotransmitter called glutamate. In normal brains, glutamate is abundantly found. Lower glutamate levels could contribute to a mood disorder like GAD.


When the patient is given a small Ketamine infusion, the drug increases the production of glutamate, regenerating nerve cells in the brain. Not only does it help to improve symptoms, Ketamine could also heal them at the source over time.


After one appointment of Ketamine therapy, most patients report an immediate relief from their symptoms. This can last for a day or two or even weeks. We recommend several follow-up appointments to get the full benefits from Ketamine therapy.

The Gift of Peace

Those suffering with GAD know how hopeless it can feel when nothing else works. Ketamine for anxiety is giving patients renewed hope in managing their symptoms and even finding long-lasting results that heal.


During a Ketamine treatment, you generally will not feel any side effects during or after, and appointments usually take less than an hour. You can feel secure and comfortable during your visit.


Contact us to learn more about how Ketamine therapy could help your anxiety, and to book an appointment at one of our six locations across the DMV.

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