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Ketamine infusion therapy is not covered by insurance, and we do not accept insurance from any carriers. See our comprehensive price structure below, and contact our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our Physicians. 

Cost Per Infusion

Treatment Resistant Depression/Anxiety/PTSD/OCD/Bipolar

$450 per infusion

At our Marshall, Virginia location, the cost is $550 per infusion

Chronic Pain Infusion/CRPS HYBRID

$1200-1500 per infusion

Chronic Pain Infusion/CRPS FULL

$2200-2500 per infusion

Intranasal Ketamine in Conjunction with IV Ketamine Infusion

$300 per prescription

(Plus a 4% surcharge for credit card transactions)

*Marshall Infusions prices are higher 

Schedule a Consultation Today

All consultations over the phone are free of charge. 

Consultations with our physicians can be comprehensive and go over any questions you may have about ketamine infusion therapy, your ideal course of treatment, side effects, and more. Consultations can take place virtually, by phone, or in-person. Each consultation takes place with one of our Board-Certified Physicians, who are happy to answer any and all questions you may have at no additional cost.

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