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Stressed Executives Turn to Ketamine Therapy

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

According to a recent Apple News article, stock traders in Manhattan, New York are turning to ketamine infusion therapy to treat depression, stress, and burn-out.

Their clinic of choice is the Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry center in the Financial District, where the head psychiatrist, Dr. Ditzell, says up to 40% of his patients are in finance, working in high-stress positions.

Similar to infusions at Freedom Ketamine Treatment Centers, patients are able to wear eye masks, get comfortable under a blanket, and even wear headphones throughout a 40-minute infusion session, which is supervised by licensed medical professionals.

“In the majority of people, it works, and rapidly,” Dr. Ditzell said in the article, noting he often sees his patients report a “50% reduction of stress and anxiety.”

Ketamine is an anesthetic agent, but when provided in small doses incrementally, it has been shown to greatly help treatment-resistant depression, chronic anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions.

Ketamine Therapy Should Be Used in Conjunction with Traditional Methods

Patients with chronic mental health conditions can often supplement their ongoing talk therapy with ketamine infusion therapy, as evidenced by this popular clinic in New York.

With physicians such as Dr. Verdun and Dr. Park of Freedom Ketamine Treatment Centers, the medication is prescribed “off-label” from its traditional FDA use as an anesthetic, and is administered under their care (along with that of the licensed nurses on their staff).

The popularity of this treatment option is due to several recent studies and a growing body of research demonstrating that a low dose of the drug is effective for immediate relief.

If you’re located in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan region and wish to consult with a board-certified physician about ketamine infusion options, please call our office at 301-235-9022. With offices in Rockville, Maryland, Bethesda, Maryland, Columbia, Maryland, Vienna, Virginia, Marshall, Virginia, and Reston, Virginia, Freedom Ketamine Treatment Centers are ready to provide compassionate care for your every mental health need.

Credit for the image featured in this article goes to Alexei Maridashvili.

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