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Profiling Manhattan’s High Profile KIT Clinic

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This blog post is based off of a March 2022 NYT article by Marisa Meltzer and Dani Blum

In March of 2022, The New York Times published a profile of a ketamine infusion therapy clinic based in midtown Manhattan. The Nushama Psychedelic Wellness Clinic was cofounded in 2020 by Jay Godfrey and Richarld Meloff, who designed the space to feel like ‘bliss.’

The image sourced from this article was pulled from The New York Times

“Nushama is just one example of what many see as the next frontier in health,” the article states.

This practice is one of many across the U.S. compelled by overwhelming data which supports the claim that ketamine infusion therapy (KIT) is highly effective in treating depression, chronic pain, and a range of other mental health issues.

After making an appointment at Nushama, patients have a virtual psychological evaluation with Dr. Steven Radowitz, the center's medical director. From there, patients are assigned a practitioner who specializes in their chief complaint, and brings them in to administer a session.

During a session, the article reports, patients are relaxed and some go into a trans or fall asleep as a doctor checks their vitals and monitors their heart rate and blood pressure. Afterwards, patients feel quite normal.“The only thing that I can compare it to is waking up after a really awesome sleep,” one interviewee said. At this practice, patients are encouraged to take their time, reading or journaling about their experience, and drinking tea or eating a snack.

It is important to note that Freedom Ketamine Treatment Centers urges all of our KIT patients to be driven home by a loved one after their infusion sessions.

Ketamine is not covered by insurance

While most insurance plans do not cover this off-label use of ketamine, patients turn to our practice for fast-acting, long-lasting relief from the symptoms of mental health conditions.

Freedom Ketamine Treatment Centers has been serving the DMV with ketamine infusion therapy since 2016, and offers an equally tranquil and effective patient experience for those ready to try KIT. To contact our practice (with offices in Rockville, Bethesda, Columbia, Reston, Vienna, and Marshall), visit our site today.

One of our board-certified staff members will be happy to conduct a consultation to hear about your needs and help inform you of details around the procedure. Get started on your healing journey today.


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